Merano Foodie Factory


Contact point between the traditions of the Mediterranean and Alpine cuisine

The Merano Foodie Factory has a dual purpose: as a demo platform showcasing Mediterranean and Alpine cuisine as well as a point of contact between these two gastronomic cultures. At the Foodie Factory and in the restaurants of Merano, elements of both culinary cultures find harmonious expression. Local producers and farmers are keen to market and promote their home-grown produce to visitors.

The Merano Foodie Factory is engaged in promoting regional and seasonal produce and ingredients to create new dishes. Or reinterpreting traditional standards such as dumplings and sweet Kaiserschmarren fritters.


-Outdoor Cooking on the Taser Alpine Hotel: 26.06.2019, 14.00-16.30 o'clock
-Baking bread at the Gompm Alm: 11.09.2019, 11.00-14.00 o'clock

(Registration for the events at the tourist office)

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