rebuilding 2023


We are rebuilding the entire attic in the main house this winter, creating new suites with panoramic views, large & stylish single rooms with balconies and fantastic views, new single room & double room with morning sun. But this is not enough, air conditioning will also be installed in all rooms in the main house, so that no one will have to sweat in the house in summer, except in the sauna 😉.

 ansicht-sued ansicht-ost
 suite-panorama-1 Suite Panorama with 39 m² sleeping area on the 3° floor and panoramic view
 ez-vista-2 Single room Vista with 20 m² sleeping area, balcony facing south or west on the 3rd floor with panoramic view.
 skizze-dz-smart New double room Smart with 20 m² sleeping area and east-facing balcony (mountain-view).
 ez-smart-2 New single room Smart with 18m² sleeping area an east-facing balcony (mountain-view)

Beautiful mountain resort. Ian, TripAdvisor